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Frédéric MOHIER

Hi everybody,

After several months of hard work with Guillaume @maethor, I am happy to announce the release of a completely new version of the Shinken Web UI.

This hard work started almost one year ago with the BS3 branch I opened on the project. At that moment, I wanted to have a nice UI to consult key data managed by the Shinken framework, from different Web browsers.

After several months of sleeping, Guillaume and I reactivated this project. Today we have achieved an almost completely redesigned version.

This new WebUI version features:

  • full Bootstrap 3 Web User Interface

    • modern and responsive UI compatible with all Web browsers and mobile devices

  • real time Shinken data consulting

    • user is able to see almost all Shinken framework managed data

  • out of the box operational User Interface

    • the new WebUI embeds all the main needed modules, significantly simplifying configuration
    • no need to 'shinken install' many modules before starting

  • powerful Shinken resources filtering

    • hosts, services may be problems, impacts ... filtering is an help for the user !

  • new Shinken modules strongly enriching Web UI features

    • mongo-logs, storing all shinken logs and hosts availability in MongoDB allowing to do basic SLA with Shinken

  • multi user with restricted "client" accounts

    • a huge work has been done on the security to allow access to "client" accounts which are allowed to see only a subset of the hosts and services

Many other features are available in this new interface. You are very welcome to deploy and test it...

Last but not least, we opened a Wiki in the project repository to make documentation available for every user. The one link that you should use today is: https://github.com/shinken-monitoring/mod-webui/wiki/Installation.

In the next weeks, we will extand the Wiki to focus on the new killer features of the new Web UI; such as filtering problems, system logs, hosts availability, ...

Back to this object: 'shinken install webui2' is your best friend ...

Best regards


Frédéric MOHIER

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