WebUI 2.7 is out

Guillaume Subiron

Hi everybody,

After lot of work the new WebUI version is out: 2.7.

Major improvements

Besides a lot of UI improvements, the goal of this version is to allow the user to stay as much as possible in the "Problems" view (/all).

Problems view

The accordions have been debugged and they are displaying a lot of useful information to avoid going into the detailed hosts/services views.


This version is also making a new place to comments, in the element's accordions. It should be easy to have a glance at the history of a service, and to add a new comment when necessary. It is actually opening the way to a more collaborative Shinken WebUI (something you usually find in tickets trackers or in Trello).


Element history


Some parts did get improved too:

  • Improve and cleanup sidebar
  • Lot of improvements and cleanup in problems view accordions
  • Cleanup style of accordions
  • Display comments in accordions
  • Display notes in accordions
  • Allow to add comments in accordions
  • Debug impacts in accordions
  • Add HTML anchors on accordions
  • Hide checkboxes and check_all and problems page (replaced by link hidden behind Business impact, and ctrl+click or maj+click on items)
  • Move actions in topbar
  • Lot of code cleanup in forms and actions
  • Infinite scrolling in element history
  • Navbar fixed on top of screen
  • When searching for hostgroups and hosttags, search returns hosts and associated services
  • Replace downtime icon, improve get_fa_icon_state, and add column in problems view with ack and downtime icons
  • Better log management
  • Cleanup eltdetail information tab


Other features are available:

  • Allow to add and list comments in item accordion (problems view)
  • New is:SOFT, is:HARD and is:FLAPPING filters
  • Quick "Schedule a downtime" with preset durations
  • Experimental, may not work at all : New alerts statistics module allowing to see most frequent alerts on last 30 days (depends on mod-mongo-logs)


Aside enhancements there are some fixed bugs:

  • 591 Fix Sound Toggle bug (Thanks @ornoone)
  • 592 Fix Sound icon (Thanks @ornoone)
  • 593 Fix Tooltip breaking tables columns (Thanks @ornoone)
  • Fix tooltip bug on dashboard
  • Manage Nagios Process avatar
  • Debug ACK and Downtime modals
  • Fix crash when searching for 'bp:'

Good update :)

Best regards

Guillaume Subiron

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