2.4.1 release

Gabès Jean

Hi :)

Here is a maintenance version, the 2.4.1, mainly for managing debian Jessie 8, but also a security fix.

This debian version did change the curl lib version that we are using for inter-process communication, and seems that there is a bug in it that can "lock" process. There is also a fix to manage the /var/run clean at debian startup.

There is also a security fix on the inter-daemon communication. In the previous versions, if someone did took over your poller server, it can use the poller->scheduler communication to take over the scheduler. This is a known issue with the python pickle lib, and so we are cleaning the paquets while loading them now :)

Like always you will find the release on github

For the next version, it will be mainly about large IT performance monitoring. I'll post soon (next week) about what we did change to have a better "smooth" daemon behavior ^^

See you soon and have a good monitoring :)

jean gabès

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